Choose from our amazing Special Offers
  • From   £ 3.55
    Cod Roe Specials
    With plain OR battered chips served with curry sauce, peas OR gravy
  • From   £ 3.70
    Donner Meat Specials
    With plain OR battered chips, served with sauce, extra sauce for 15p & extra salad for 25p extra
  • £ 9.99
    Warstone Special
    Any medium pizza, cone of chips (plain OR battered) & a can of Pepsi
  • £ 12.99
    Credit Cruncher Deal
    Any large pizza with Chips & Pepsi Max Bottle
  • From   £ 2.80
    1 Piece SF Chicken Specials
  • £ 16.00
    Treat for 2
    Any large pizza, garlic bread slices, 10 spicy OR BBQ wings & 1.5ltr bottle of soft drink
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